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About GilpinLaw Offices

GILPINLAW is a well-established general practice law firm located in Uptown Charlotte within walking distance of the Mecklenburg County Courthouse. Our firm has two highly skilled and motivated attorneys along with excellent staff here to serve you.
GILPINLAW Offices was founded in 2007. David Gilpin has been a managing partner since 1997.
GILPINLAW has been built over the years on our reputation to provide solid, practical legal counsel at reasonable rates. Most all of our business comes from referrals by clients and other attorneys.
Contact us today to see how we can help you. We welcome the opportunity to work with you on all of your legal needs. When you have GILPINLAW represent you, people will know that you have chosen a lawyer who will make a difference.

GilpinLaw Philosophies & Practice

REPRESENTATION: Your case is one of the most important items in your life. We’re going to take the time to listen to you and understand you.  We’ll put together a plan to meet your needs.  We understand most folks don’t want a lawyer, so our philosophy and practice is to make things easier, take the work from you and work hard for you.  When you have our firm representing you, people will know that you have a good lawyer who is going to get it done.
COMMUNICATION: You will experience excellent communications.  Your calls will be returned.  Our firm will be in regular contact with you.  You’ll know what’s going on with your case.  You won’t feel left out or with a lot of questions.  We understand communication is important to you, so it is important to us.
NEGOTIATION: We want to get the best result for you.  Because of this, we’re going to be extremely thorough and aggressive in negotiating your case.  Our research of all issues that can be employed will be far-reaching.  We’re always going to take the extra time and go the extra mile to make sure that everything that can be done is done.
SETTLEMENT: If a trial can be avoided and that’s what you prefer, then we’re going to try to achieve the trial outcome through settlement negotiation.  Oftentimes we can do better.  We will take time to meet with you, put numbers on a board and compare settlement negotiations to what your trial outcome might be.  It depends on your preference, but at GILPINLAW Offices, we work for you.  It’s your choice and your decision.  And, if you want your day in court in front of a jury, we’re ready to go for you.
LITIGATION: From the drafting of the Complaint, or the responsive pleadings, we’re skilled with the substantial litigation experience and detailed knowledge of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure.  We can aggressively prosecute or defend your case, using the mechanisms of the Rules and their case law interpretations to their fullest extent.  We make sure timelines are appropriate, discovery is thorough and that the very best is done to achieve justice in your case.

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