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April, 2016 – Gilpin Law Offices adds United Cab Company as a client. The taxi cab transportation provider, noticably distinct in their red vehicles, has retained Gilpin Law Offices as their corporate counsel.


June, 2016 – Morrison YMCA Football Team “White Eagles” goes undefeated.  With David Gilpin as head coach and Zachary Gilpin as main quarterback, the White Eagles ran to a 9-0 season. The games included a few where the White Eagles were in control of the score and Coach Gilpin ordered the defense to back off and the offense to provide a turnover so the other team could score. The season also featured the Eagles beating Steele Creek twice. This was Coach Gilpin’s third (of nine) undefeated season.


January, 2014 – Lisa Gilpin takes the General Counsel position with Joerns HealthCare. Lisa Gilpin had provided corporate counsel representation for Gilpin Law Offices to such clients as OrthoFix.  She was hired by Joerns HealthCare in January, 2014 as General Counsel. She is also in the position of Chief Compliance Officer as well as Human Resources Director.

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