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If you’ve been sued or need to sue someone, you need an attorney who knows the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure and the case law authority very well. You also need an attorney who is experienced, aggressive and comfortable in court.
If you’ve been sued, you need an attorney who will defend your case loyally and try to bring it to an appropriate end. If you need to sue someone, whether it’s a person or company, you need an attorney who can prosecute your case aggressively and who can exercise the litigation rules to bring about justice for you, whether in a settlement, or before a judge or jury.


David Gilpin, with over 24 years of litigation and courtroom experience, can be the most effective advocate for you. His background in radio, television and theater gives him a strong presence before a judge and a jury. His willingness to listen and effectively communicate make our firm your best choice for your litigation and trial needs.

We’re here to represent you on your litigation needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you!

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