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Wills & Estates

We have all experienced concern about what will happen to our loved ones and family in the event of death:

  • Who will take care of my minor children?
  • Will money left for the care of my children be safeguarded?
  • How will my assets be distributed?
  • How can I avoid family disputes over the distribution of my property?
  • How can I protect my assets so my loved ones can live more comfortably after I’m gone?
  • Will my family honor my wishes upon death?

These types of questions and concerns are why you need to have your affairs in order. Otherwise, the State will decide.
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At GILPINLAW we can help you with this process. We have experienced lawyers who can counsel you on the issues, help you with planning and draft all the necessary documents for you. Once all the paperwork has been finalized and is ready to sign, you will come to our offices for a formal signing process where all your documents will be properly notarized and instructions given to you on safekeeping.

We see this as important, which is why we’re here to counsel and serve. Contact us today to see how we can help!

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